There are groups, clubs and societies in London to help you make new friends and they cover interests from stitching and surfing, to stuffing your face. No more Nigel no mates!

Freedom London Surf Club
WHAT IS IT? A Facebook group where surfers organise surfing trips.
WHO’S IT FOR? Waxheads with an itch 
to scratch.
» Freedom London Surf Club 
on Facebook

London Hash House Harriers

WHAT IS IT? Two separate pastimes, running and drinking, become one, with organised group runs followed by a hard-earned beer.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Have running legs and 
a drinking arm? Get involved!

WHAT IS IT? A rugby and social club for Kiwis and friends, with annual matches, hangis and Speight’s on tap.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone who loves scrums and steamed pudding.

Come Play Sport
WHAT IS IT? A sports and social club 
where you can register yourself or a team to play dodgeball, ultimate frisbee or water polo.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Those who like a different kind of game.


WHAT IS IT? A dating website only for 
New Zealanders, Aussies and Saffas.
WHO’S IT FOR?  The lovelorn lot of us 
in the city.

Find a Travel Buddy

WHAT IS IT? You want to get out and see the big wide world but don’t want to go it alone. People in this online forum are in the same boat.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone a few pilgrims short of a van tour.

Live Music Friends

WHAT IS IT? A group where live music fans can find gig buddies and people to chew the musical fat with.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone who lives by the beat of a drum.

The London Movie Meetup Group
WHAT IS IT? A club for moviegoers who like to deconstruct a film over a coffee 
and cake, or a lager after viewings.
WHO’S IT FOR?  The popcorn elite.

West End Club London
WHAT IS IT? An opportunity to learn other languages and share a beer with people of many nationalities.
WHO’S IT FOR?  True internationalists.

Stitch London

WHAT IS IT? A knitting (and bitching, 
and cake-eating, and beer-drinking) 
club for people at all skill levels.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Fiesty craft masters.

Every Two Weeks
WHAT IS IT? A group that organises two free London social events each month, including barbecues, walks, boat parties and sushi nights.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone whose New 
Year’s resolution was to see and do 
more in London.

London Riverside Meetup
WHAT IS IT? This group visits restaurants, museums and clubs located along 
the Thames.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone still to discover the range of riverside attractions.

City Socialising

WHAT IS IT? An online forum for Londoners looking for a pal, lover or 
new social network.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone whose Facebook friend count has plateaued.

Yum Cha Club

WHAT IS IT? Discover yum cha restaurants throughout London.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Those who’d plump for 
yum cha over a Sunday roast.

Britain-Australia Society
WHAT IS IT? A social network for Aussies and Brits, with a bursting events calendar.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Anyone prepared to give and take some friendly ribbing.

New Zealand Society

WHAT IS IT? A society promoting Kiwi interests in the UK. It started as a dining club, but is now so much more.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Silver fern aficionados.

WHAT IS IT? A social group for professional South Africans, with gatherings such as wine tastings and braais.
WHO’S IT FOR?  Saffas who like people that won’t make fun of their accents.

Words: Rebecca Kent