Over 100 million people travel to the USA each year, and having access to the internet is essential to navigating around town in particular with groups—friends and families. There are several options to staying connected while on-the-go, but for the most reliable and cost-effective option, English tourists are turning to Pocket WiFi USA—the latest travel accessory that offers sharable WiFi everywhere for up to five devices at the same time. 

Pocket Wifi is a smart and safe solution. Compared to other solutions it offers plenty of advantages: less costly than the high risk roaming connection that can end in a terrible bill shock at the end of the trip, and much more reliable than a travel sim card, which is still a very affordable solution for international travelers. Travel enthusiasts have weighed in on Pocket WiFi —their testimonials reflect a high user approval in the areas of trust, service, reliability, and unlimited internet access.

Unlike many other solutions on the market today, Pocket WiFi is available in over 120 destinations and 100 + countries with a unique device. It offers unlimited internet everywhere you go, with high speed 4G, and a 24/7 customer service if necessary. International travelers, who want to enjoy the comfort of a quality internet connection wherever they travel, have rated My Webspot the vendor of choice for their group travel to the USA.

If you’ve ever traveled to the US in a group, you know how challenging it can be to navigate around town, book shows, make dinner plans, or to simply access your online banking without access to the internet. Many travelers still rely on Free/Public WIFI which are randomly accessible and highly unsecure in terms of data privacy. But once they try the Pocket Wifi solution, travelers find comfort in this solution. No need to hunt for free wifi, no risk of bill shock. Travelers can keep using the smartphones as if they were at home.

Webspot Pocket Wifi USA provides high-speed internet to many popular destinations and offers a full day of battery life giving unlimited internet access to find historical landmarks, museums, tasty eateries, and other must-visit places on your trip. With unlimited internet access, you can share your group pics and irresistible selfies on social media, keeping your friends back home connected to your travel fun and excitement.

Ridiculous roaming charges and airport SIM cards are now outdated. Savvy UK travelers appreciate the value, convenience, and ease of renting a 4G LTE secure hotspot for their group and family travel. This PC Magazine ‘Editor’s Choice’ hotspot has travelers wondering how they ever traveled abroad without this trusty WiFi companion.

International travel can offer a lifetime of cherished memories for families and group travelers. Keep the fun in your travels with secure and unlimited access to the internet with Pocket Wifi USA.

For convenience, you can have the device delivered to your place before departure or you can pick-up your Webspot at destination, hotel, or airport. For comfort in traveling, the size of the device is the equivalent of most cell phone devices. Once your travel fun comes to an end, simply return your web spot with the company-provided prepaid envelope or drop it at the airport.

For the most reliable and secure pocket 4G connection, My Webspot left no stone unturned to help you keep the fun in your group travels by staying connected to unlimited high-speed internet without the headache and expense of data roaming.

With more than 300,000 users around the world, travelers have spoken—Pocket Wifi is quickly becoming the smart, user-friendly travel accessory of choice by friends and families around the world.