The fight erupted after one of the President’s men said that the far-right were “neo-fascists” after they had booed a speech he had been giving.

Several fights seemed to break out simultaneously, drawing in MPs from both sides of the political divide, at one point even a woman.

Some MPs became so irate that they went to rather extreme measures to inflict harm on each other, throwing full blooded punches and some even throwing themselves off of benches like WWE wrestlers jumping off the top buckle.

The speaker can be heard in the video above calling for the MPs to calm down but it all seems to have been to no avail.

Perhaps the best thing about this particular brawl (Ukrainian parliament is renowned for having plenty of them, December 2012 being the last) was that current world heavy weight boxing champion and leader of the UDAR (Punch) Party, Vitaly Klitschko was present.

Fortunately for the politician brawlers the 6’7″ boxer – nicknamed Dr Ironfist  – did not jump into the fight himself. Which, from a neutral standpoint anyway, is a little dissapointing.

Image: Getty