The two legs, from a white baby of yet unknown gender, were found on Dr Johnson Avenue in Tooting Common at about 8am on Monday, BBC writes.

Scotland Yard told BBC: “The remains are thought to be those of a newborn baby born in the last two weeks.

“We have serious concerns for the mother, or parents, of this child and would urge them to come forward and speak to police or seek medical aid.

“We would also like to appeal to those that work in the medical or caring professions who may have information about the possible identity of the mother or child.”

Mark Dunne, a Detective Chief Inspector, told the Evening Standard: “We can’t discount animal activity in terms of these few remains. I would be very surprised if they had arrived where they were found by a human being putting them there.”

The body parts, discovered in a council depot used as car park about two miles from St George’s Hospital, went through a post-mortal examination on Wednesday, but no cause of death was determined.

The experts could not say if the baby had been stillborn, writes the Evening Standard.

“Anyone who does contact us, their details will not be revealed to any other party and our inquiries will be discreet. At this stage our main focus is making sure the parents, particularly the mother, are physically okay,” DCI Dunne said.

Detectives are now combing out the area for further remains, contacting schools and medical centres in a search for the parents.

Police urge the public to call the investigation team on 020 8721 4906 with any relevant information.

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