Crossan claims his son was ignorant that he was running up such an exorbitant bill, especially almost all of it was due to add-ons on games that were free to purchase.

As Apple has refused to refund the sum, Crossan feels he has been pushed to report the charges as fraudulent, which is the only way he stands a chance of having them reversed. His son could face arrest and questioning by the authorities (who happen to be colleagues of his father).

He told the Daily Mail, “I am sure Cameron had no intention to do it, but I had to have a crime reference number if there was any chance of getting any credit card payments refunded.”

“Really I just want to embarrass Apple as much as possible,” he said. “Morally, I just don’t understand where Apple gets off charging for a child’s game.”

Crossan’s son, Cameron, has only owned the Apple table computer since December, after he and his classmates were bought them to aid them in class. He has since made over 300 purchases on a variety of free games, including Plants vs Zombies.

Says Crossan, “None of us had any knowledge of what was happening as there was no indication in the game that he was being charged for any of the clicks made within the game.”

Though Apple has refused to refund Crossan, they have refunded parents in similar predicaments in the past. Earlier this year, they refunded the parents of a five-year-old who spent £17,000 buying add-ons in the iPad game Zombies v Ninja.

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