The Attorney General explained that the Prince of Wales should be ‘mindful’ of being politically impartial and that his letters to ministers would reveal his bias and influence on decisions that influence the nation.

There’s a debate as to whether the Prince should be able to voice his concerns about the country in private.

Grieve says that Prince Charles hears a lot of views about the country and how things should be done. However, the Government has protected the Prince by disallowing 27 letters to be released, as they believe the contents could be detrimental to Prince Charles’s role as future king.

The letters supposedly contain views that are politically biased and contain ‘particularly frank’ views.

Three judges have ruled in the past that there is a public interest to release the documents, so the nation can get a glimpse of how much influence the Prince has over the decisions made in government.

Grieve claimed that this was an “exceptional case” and it was important to stop Prince Charles’s “most deeply held and personal beliefs” being revealed to the nation.

The Prince’s letters have been involved in a seven-year court battle.


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