The footage was revealed as hundreds of protesters marched on Surry Hills Police Station with banners saying, “all cops are bastards” and claiming that police assaults were a “tradition”.

The video which enraged them was of shirtless Jackson being thrown heavily to the ground while in handcuffs on the night of the parade.

Police are investigating the video and claims against the officer.

Jackson has previously claimed on TV show A Current Affair that he was arrested for assault after he says tickling someone post-parade and that the police reaction was over the top. He admitted to being “silly” on the night but said he “could have been killed” when thrown to the ground.

But Channel Nine showed footage by an English TV producer that his encounter with police started well before the footage circulated worldwide.

Pinned to the ground, Jackson is seen to try to kick an officer in the face as a bystander advises, “You’ll make it worse for yourself. Stop!”

The protesters were also objecting to the treatment of gay activist Bryn Hutchinson, who claimed up to five officers kicked him after he refused to listen to their instruction not cross a road.

Jackson has been charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest. He’ll appear in court on April 1.

Image via Youtube