Prince William and Kate Middleton have arrived in the Seychelles for their honeymoon.

The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew out on a private jet last night after leaving their Anglesey home with lots of luggage.

Prince William and Kate’s romantic escape, 10 days after their Westminster Abbey royal wedding, was confirmed by St James’s Palace.

A spokeswoman for the department of tourism in the Indian Ocean country, said the royal couple landed at the country’s main airport at 7.20am local time this morning.

They were then transferred by helicopter to a private island where they were expected to spend 10 days at a secluded villa. The name of the island where they are staying has not been confirmed.

The April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate attracted more than a million people to the streets of London.

They were expected to take a honeymoon the following day, but Prince William immediately returned to his job as a search and rescue pilot for the RAF.

Earlier this week, a judge praised Prince William for helping to save his life after suffering a heart attack on Snowdonia.

Nick Barnett, 70, said he hadn’t planned to be rescued by the prince, he merely wanted to “have a nice day on the hills”.

Prince William and Kate have just a few weeks to squeeze in their romantic break before they begin their first official joint tour. They are due to visit Canada and California for 10 days.