Apparently the bargain price is less than half what Egyptian-Irish businessman Nadim Sadek spent turning the island – Inish Turk Beg – into his mini paradise. The tycoon is apparently selling up because he has run into financial difficulties.

The Irish island, one of 364 in Clew Bay, County Mayo, is has 65 acres of land and features luxury homes, stables, a boat house, swimming pool, Astroturf pitch, dance hall, gym and floating jetty.

Naturally, there is also a helicopter pad.

If you’ve a spare three million sitting round and you have an eye for a bargain, here what Harriet Grant, from estate agents Knight Frank, told the Daily Mail:

“Inish Turk Beg island is a property of a lifetime and completely unique in Ireland and probably in the British Isles. It is an easily accessible island and although it’s in the Atlantic it is very sheltered. And the island itself has plenty of natural shelter.

“It is an extraordinary development in which no expense has been spared. The electricity and water come straight from the mainland and it also has broadband access.

“And for an island there is a great deal to do both inside and outside. Already there has been a lot of interest and we’ve done several viewings.”

Check it out before you impulse buy: