What is it? Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer is an all-inclusive kit designed to get you on your way to looking perkier on the beach this summer. It consists of workout DVDs, a cardio belt, a resistance band, and lots of other useful bits and bobs such as a customised workout calendar and recipe guides.

How does it work? The name’s a bit misleading; even though the title suggests this is a ten minute quick fix, most days, you’ll actually have to do two or three ten minute workouts, so you’re looking at half an hour a day. There are five workouts – cardio, lower body, abs, total body and yoga flex.

Why is it so great? If you’ve got the space, nothing beats exercising at home – and because you’re mixing it up so much, you never get bored or come close to giving up. Even though Tony will put you through hell during some workouts (watch out for abs and lower body – ouch), he’s never annoying, and you’ll see results even if you decide that three workouts are too much, and you’d prefer to do two. Even setting aside ten minutes a day for a week means you’ll start to look and feel better within a few weeks.

The two-day jump start is great if you’ve got a party or wedding to look hot for, and although the equipment takes a bit of getting used to, the guidebook will talk you through all of the scary new moves.

Any downsides? Apart from the usual wanting to die midway through most of the workouts, I’d struggle to come up with any negatives. The advice included within all the literature isn’t hard to follow and doesn’t fill you with dread, and there’s no messing around when the workouts starts – you just get on with it. We always thought that Katie Price’s workout couldn’t be beaten – looks like we were wrong…

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