In the video, uploaded at the start on January, the couple are caught on the “mistletoe cam” at the UCLA game in California when the man drops down on one knee.

In front of a crowded of 10,000, he says: “I knew I was going to do this the first day I met you, so I know this is going to sound corny but… will you marry me?”

His potential bride-to-be hesitates and the crowd goes momentarily silent, until one wit yells out: “yes, is the answer!”

However, the embarrassed girlfriend hurries off to leave her man holding the ring.

The groound commentator attempts to relieve the awkward tension, saying: “Sometimes people get a little camera shy, I understand. It happens.”

The rejected lover eventually composes himself and hurried away.

After watching the footage, UCLA basketball player Jerime Anderson said “That’s cold”, while team-mate David Wear added “Tough Break”.

OUCH! Watch the proposal for yourself.