Aaron Withers, who won a date with the 28-year old Wen on the show on Saturday night, is signed up with the Platinum Select escorts site on which it is stated that his fees are £50 for an hour, £500 for an overnight visit and a whopping £1,500 for a weekend.

Withers told the Daily Mirror of his moonlighting: “It seemed like easy money to fund surf trips when I first came to London, just a bit of fun.” He added that he was an escort and an escort along and that “he didn’t offer anymore than that”.

Even more dramatically it has been revealed that Withers also has a conviction for assaulting a woman and her boyfriend during a pub brawl in Somerset last year. He was fined £200 and instructed to pay £50 a piece to the two he harmed.

A spokesman for TalkBack Thames, which makes the show, has revealed the company is examining its procedures after this glitch in their screening process didn’t pick up Withers’ conviction.

“During the application process we ask contestants to declare any convictions, and background checks are carried out on each individual, in line with industry practice,” they said.

“Aaron’s criminal record did not come to light.”

Photo: ITV