What’s the one about the shark that tried to get a drink at the Old Sea Dog?

Owner of the Nantucket pub and brewery, Jimmy Agnew, was left just as perplexed as the cleaning crew who found the dead shark on the doorway. While it is obvious that someone dumped it there, Agnew has absolutely no idea why anyone would have.

According to NBC, Nantucket’s public works department were called in to haul the dead shark away from the pub’s door at 7 a.m. on Thursday morning.

While shark enthusiasts, marine biologists and animal rights activists will (quite rightly) be upset about the fate of the shark, many locals at ‘The Old Sea Dog’ have seen the funny side of the incident. One local comedian who often performs at open mic night’s at the pub has even taken to the venue’s Facebook page with some punny jokes.

Like: ‘why did the shark go to the Old Sea Dog? To meet its chums…’

Chums, get it?

Image: CBS news