First class passengers repeatedly complained to cabin crew about the actions of the pilot, who was not on duty nor in uniform at the time of the incident. 

Despite these warnings from the crew the pilot continued his frisky behaviour with a female passenger, eventually moving from the premium seats – and their luxury privacy – to economy. 

A Quantas spokesperson told the Herald Sun that: “Quantas is aware of an incident involving a travelling crew member on board QF32. The matter is being investigated internally in line with Quantas policy.”

The spokesperson went on to explain that “interaction of that nature” would not be sanctioned by the airline, just in case anyone fell under the misapprehension that the airline actively encouraged its employees to engage in passenger-baiting in-flight antics.

The woman left the flight at Singapore at which point the pilot returned to his first class seat. The escapade though, and his dalliances with the somewhat elite mile high club, have landed the pilot in hot water as he now faces an investigation, with his £153,000 a year job potentially in jeopardy.