The Queen has joined Facebook and been ‘liked’ nearly 70,000 times since the British Monarchy page was set up this morning.

The Royal family have been gradually moving into the digital age and have picked up 70,000 Twitter followers since setting up the account in 2009. Buckingham Palace also has a Youtube Channel with 32,418 subscribers.

However the Royal Facebook foray finally took place today.

You can’t actually ‘friend’ or ‘poke’ the Queen on Facebook, but if you can bring yourself to ‘like’ the monarchy then you’ll be kept up to date with Royal goings on, get to look at pictures of the Prince Harry and Prince William and possibly find out what the corgis had for dinner.

There’s also a ‘Near Me’ location-based application allowing you to scout any upcoming royal events in your local area.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the 85-year-old Queen won’t be creating Facebook updates herself. The venture is apparently a team effort between the Royal family and Clarence House.

If you want to ‘like’ the Queen on Facebook go to

Not keen? The you can always join Facebook’s Abolish The UK Monarchy group.