A police spokesperson has confirmed that a woman by the name of Keiko Seito and an unnamed assistant have both been arrested in connection with this overweight sex firm. It is being alleged that the two women were running their ring under the business name ‘Makkusu Bod’ which translates roughly to ‘Maximum Body’ in English.

The business allegedly boasted, according to bigpond.com.au, that it specifically catered to men who enjoyed “explosive boobs and bums”, which sounds a little bit dangerous, frankly.

Clients of ‘Makkusu Bod’ could reportedly phone up and simply order one of the large lasses to be delivered to their home, or one of Japan’s wonderfully weird ‘love hotels’.

Jiji Press in Japan report that Madame Seito had around 30 ‘overweight’ women in her employ, some of whom reportedly tipped the scales at an imposing 150 kilograms.

While there is nothing new about prostitution in Japan, or indeed anywhere else (it is supposedly the world’s oldest profession, after all) the process of selling ‘penetrative’ sex is illegal in Japan.

41-year-old Seito – who is believed to have been a prostitute herself before turning to the more lucrative management side of things – reportedly raked in more than 400 million yen ($4.4 million) during the three years that ‘Makkusu Bod’ was operating.

Image: Getty