Arty Marcel – dubbed by local Thibodaux, La. media as the ‘steak bandit’ – got himself into a spot of bother on Tuesday after he tried to smuggle some prime Texas steer out of a grocery store in his trousers.

Marcel’s rather poor attempts at shop-lifting were noticed by an employee who then confronted the 49-year-old. Perhaps realising that the jig was up, Marcel started trying to pulverise the grocery clerk who had intercepted him. The clerk’s fellow employees intervened and were able to subdue Marcel until the constabulary arrived. 

Marcel is now facing charges of battery and attempted theft of goods – as for the choice cuts that were subsequently liberated from Marcel’s pants after his arrest, it is unknown if they went back on to the shelves or into the trash can.

Perhaps surprisingly (or not, depending on how often you look at the Huffington Post’s weird news page) this is not the first time in 2013 that an American has gone to prison for trying to steal meat.

In May, 46-year-old Juan Singley led Georgia police on a high-speed pursuit through the streets of Augusta after stealing $350 worth of meat products from a supermarket.

Stealing meat – sounds like a bit of a recipe for disaster to me.

Image: Getty