Raoul Moat boasted that he would be back in prison as he planned the killing of Chris Brown, the boyfriend of Moat’s ex-girlfriend. New evidence has come to light as two men stand trial accused of helping Moat.

Moat, who had just been released from Durham prison, told a barber during a haircut that he had “a few things to do”.

“I’ve got a few arses to kick,” Moat said. “I’ll probably be back inside by Friday.”

The Newcastle crown Court heard how killer Raoul Moat recruited ex-business partner Karl Ness as he planned the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend Chris Brown.

Ness apparently waited in a nearby van as Moat lay under the window of his ex, Sam Stobbart’s house.

A chilling exchange of texts reveal that as Moat listened to Brown and Stobbart talking about him, he considered leaning through the window to shoot Brown.

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At 02.03 Moat texted to Ness: “Getting bored waiting. they are all just slagging me off. My suffering is so funny apparently. I’m going to kick off nice and proper when they come out. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.”

At 02.22 Moat texted: “They have just opened the window so I’m tempted to lean in but I don’t know if it will open or not.”

Earlier in the exchange, Ness told Moat: “We will all miss you mate, if it goes down.”

The prosecutor told the court: “These messages made it clear that Raoul Moat was considering leaning into the house through the open window and shooting Chris Brown.

“In the course of police interviews Karl Ness accepted he was aware from the messages that this was Moat’s intention.”

At just after 02.30 Chris Brown and Samantha Stobbart left the house and Moat fired three shots at Brown, killing him.

Stobbart had fled indoors, but Moat fired through the window, causing life threatening injuries.

Ness then drove away and dumped the van in which he had been waiting for Moat.

Karl Ness and his friend Qhuram Awan deny the attempted murder of PC David Rathband, who was shot and blinded by Moat. Ness also denies the murder of Chris Brown.