A British woman delivered a baby as she sheltered from Australia’s Cyclone Yasi in an emergency shelter in Cairns, Queensland.

Midwife Carol Weeks was on holiday in Queensland with her husband Andrew when they were forced to take shelter as Cyclone Yasi swept in.

Inside the Redlynch State College, Cairns, Weeks stepped in when she heard that an expectant mother had gone into labour in the shelter.

Weeks told how she was led into the first aid room where Akiko Prusswas already in labour.

No deaths in Cyclone Yasi
Cyclone Yasi nears Queensland

“When the call went out for someone medical, I told them ‘I’m a midwife’ and they said ‘oh good, there’s a baby due tomorrow.’” Weeks said.

However the baby arrived sooner than expected, and Weeks was able to step in and save the day.

“It was an absolutely perfect natural delivery,” she told the Channel Nine TV network.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh praised the actions of Carol Weeks.

“In the midst of all this devastation, there is new life in some very touching circumstances,” she told Channel Nine.

“I’m sure it will bring a lot of smiles to faces in that centre today after such a difficult and distressing night.”

Cyclone Yasi has not claimed any lives so far despite tearing through densely populated parts of Queensland and destroying hundreds of homes.