Get camera happy

This tip is just in case you become one of the unfortunate few who lose their camera while travellling. Make sure you take a photo of a piece of paper with all your contact details on it, with the heading ‘If camera is found, please return to’, in the event an honest soul finds your camera. You can hope!
Rebecca Clarke, via Facebook 

Cathedrals for free

To visit big cathedrals, which normally charge an entrance fee, on the cheap, pop in just after the service (or go to the service if you feel inclined). You’ll be able to look around most areas of the church for free. This has worked for both St Paul’s Cathedral in London and the York Minster in York.
Naomi Langdon, via email

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Jenni Dennis, 26. Mansfield, UK

Nepal. It was just a different world. When I got out of the taxi at Durbar Square, it was like walking on to a film set. There were monks everywhere and kids flying kites; it’s a really special, spiritual kind of place. Monkey Temple was amazing – you can see over all of Kathmandu.

My worst experience was realising I needed a cash machine as I was just about to catch a bus in Bolivia. It meant I had to run up a massive hill while incredibly hungover – and La Paz is the world’s highest capital city!

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Vancouver, Canada

Most memorable travel experience?
I loved Lapland, especially the reindeer. I liked Oslo too – just the history, and the mountains reminded me of home.

Worst travel experience?
When I went to Cancun, I stayed in a really bad resort. It was not the same as the brochures. The food made me sick – and we’d paid for all-inclusive. It was bad.

Essential travel item?
Good walking shoes. I’ve learned my lesson trying to be fashionable on holiday! 

David Taylor, General manager, The Hoxton Hotel 

My most challenging travel experience was my first trip to Moscow. While I had been booked into a fantastic hotel, trying to get around the city was a nightmare as I was unable to decipher the cyrillic alphabet.
My favourite place in the world is Jumby Bay in Antigua for out-and-out luxury. I love the combination of being on a private island and the charm of the Antiguan locals. However, you can’t beat exploring the UK countryside.
The next trip on my travel wishlist is South America. It may be easier to persuade my wife to move there for a couple of years, given that we would like to visit pretty much every country there.
My guilty travel pleasure is a burger at the beach restaurant at lunch. Heavy on the french fries. Light on the salad! I always pack some basic clothing in my hand luggage, in case the airline loses what I’ve checked in.

Main photograph: PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images