One of the most fascinating and glorious places in the Middle East come from the region of El Gouna refereed to as ‘The Red Sea Rivera’. What defines Paradise? Religiously, paradise is defined as a ‘heavenly’ location where one experiences timelessness, peace, comfort, and an abundance of happiness. El Gouna captures each of these characteristics of ‘paradise’.

From the incredible climate, the stunning beaches and once in a lifetime opportunities El Gouna isn’t a location to be missed. When the winter months set in, and the days get shorter, your mind inevitably drifts towards a touch of the sun. Situated on the eastern coast of Egypt and although located only four and a half hours from the UK; the typical climate of El Gouna couldn’t be more diverse. With never-ending clear, blue skies and continuous hours of hot sunny temperatures, combined with soothing coastal breezes, guarantees El Gouna an admirable vacation at any time of the year. Placid and pleasurable sea temperatures, with low relative humidity levels all year round create an ideal holiday whether you want to visit in winter or summer. 

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Golf de Sues, El Gouna, Egypt credit: Nneirda

Although the relaxation and beauty of El Gouna is inevitably appealing, this region has more to offer. In El Gouna it is possible to enjoy a variety of activities from wakeboarding, fishing trips, tennis, yoga, horseriding, quad biking, sailing and volleyball. Scuba diving is excellent in this area where a diving team can pre-book learn to packages or boat diving for qualified divers. 

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Wakeboarding credit: Raul_Mellado

Sun, turquoise water, constant wind and several-square-kilometers of shallow water lagoon; the perfect combination for kitesurfers. Set on Mangroovy beach, the definition of this luxurious place lies within the name, groovy and exceptionally picturesque, with a whole whirlwind of fun to be had. So whilst in the day you can relax and partake in exceptional activities, the evenings here offer a lively buzz. El Gouna has a multitude of different venues to explore after dark. An endless choice of outlets, from trendy bars to cosy pubs, Aladdin’s Casino, the great open air Palladium disco, karaoke cafés, beach bars, and a beautiful oasis in the outskirts of the resort to enjoy a typical Bedouin evening suitable for everyone. 

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Sandbox Festival credit: Jukebox PR

The final reason you need to visit El Gouna this may is the infamous Sandbox festival. A yearly festival hosted by the magnificent red sea, Sandbox isn’t your usual booze fuelled festival, but more a place for like-minded creative’s and music lovers to come together. With over 35 acts participating, in terms of big names, their are few better than Butch who releases on labels such as Moon Harbour and Cocoon. Widely known for being an electronics festival, Sandbox offers the entire package. Incredible music, the sand between your feet, and watching the sun fall behind the horizon is all the more reason to attend this years Sandbox festival. An extraordinary location, with extraordinary opportunities, this certainly isn’t one to be missed. 

Sandbox Festival, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

4th, 5th and 6th of May, 2017