A 24-year-old man attempted to steal cash from the register of a takeaway food store in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery last night, after getting into a heated argument with two employees.

A 40-year-old man ran to the front of the store to call police, leaving his 27-year-old female colleague to tussle with the would-be thief, who had thrown the cash register to the ground and was attempting to smash it open. 

When the woman tried to physically stop the robber from opening the register, he reportedly struck her across the chest.

The 24-year-old managed to prize the till open and was about to make his escape with the cash when the female employee turned the heat up on him, so to speak.

Reportedly the woman was able to grab a nearby bucket of chilli and threw it at the robbers face, instantly incapacitating the man.

Police arrived within minutes and were then able to apprehend the man.

The would-be thief was treated for minor burns at Mascot police station, and will appear at Waverly local court today, charged with assault with the intent to rob.

Let that be a lesson to all aspiring thieves out there: if you’re going to rob a takeaway joint make sure the hottest condiment in reach is something like mayonnaise or, at worst, sweet chilli. Something delicious as opposed to scalding!

Image: Getty