Should you find yourself exhausted by a punishing festive schedule of shopping, partying and present wrapping and suffering from dry, dull and lifeless skin, consider wandering to West Hampstead and booking yourself in for an Asa Peel at Kalma – a boutique spa boasting a lovely laid back vibe. 

Designed to remove dead skin cells and wrinkles that weren’t there in October, while simultaneously reducing pores and pigmentation, the Asa peel renovates your skin without being unduly abrasive. 

Once horizontal on the massage bed, the peel paste – which uses the fabulous Klapp Cosmetic products (so good, in fact, TNT couldn’t resist stocking up on a few) – is applied. While the overall experience is a pleasant one, you should know that the Asa Peel is not for the faint hearted. For while your therapist will take great pains to make the peel as comfortable as possible, mild stinging may well occur. But persevere! Like a wall that is having its wallpaper stripped off, you can sense that a brand new blank canvas awaits you…

%TNT Magazine% ASA Peel Serum

Plus after the peel has been pasted onto your face, there’s the pampering part to look forward to. Your therapist will deliver long, smooth, stress relieving strokes along your upper body – a sublime experience – and also administer a hand and foot massage (guaranteed to leave you feeling like you’re floating on fluffy clouds).

Sadly all too soon the 60 minutes will be up and it’s time for the peel to be removed. Chances are your skin will feel quite tight at first but remember no pain, no gain and trust TNT: your skin will be glowing for days after the treatment and begging to be booked in for a course of peels (Kalma spa recommends three treatments for optimum results). A facial that delivers fast results without the needles, knives and lasers? We’re going back next week.

The Asa Peel at Kalma Spa (180 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, London, NW6 3AY; 020 3441 1813; costs £60 for 60 minutes.