Rihanna has beaten Lady Gaga to becoming queen of Facebook, with 20,000 more followers than her pop diva rival.

Last night Rihanna overtook Gaga, who has for a long time come up trumps with her number of Facebook fans. This morning, Rihanna had 40,564,905 fans, while Gaga had 40,543,536 fans.

Hip-hop artist Eminem currently holds the most “likes” on Facebook, with a hefty 43,225,888. This makes Rihanna the second most popular music act on Facebook.

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Rihanna’s online popularity has dramatically increased – a year ago she had just over 5,000 Facebook fans. But she’s still behind Gaga on Twitter, who holds 11.6 million followers – followed closely by Justin Bieber, who has 11 million. Rihanna’s Twitter followers come up to 6.1 million.

But Gaga’s not happy. After she heard the news, it was reported that she Tweeted her fans, demanding that people “unlike” Rihanna on Facebook. If this is true, the tweet has now been deleted from her page.

Lady Gaga has always been an online favourite and was the first music artist to get 10 million followers on Facebook, beating even President Obama.