Rio Ferdinand’s stalker has been jailed and for 10 weeks and put on a 10-year restraining order for harassing the football player but says she will appeal and left the court room saying: “I stick two fingers up at you.”

Last month, Susanne Ibru, 38, was convicted of harassment after Manchester United and England star Ferdinand described how he had been stalked over the period of a year.

Ibru became so obsessed with Rio Ferdinand she made a number of 400-mile round trips to the defender’s home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, from where she was living in London.

Rio Ferdinand told how the stalker made his life miserable after she turned up at his family house on several occasions demanding to speak to him and claiming they had met.

Ferdinand said that he feared for the safety of his family.

District Judge Nicholas Sanders said today he was jailing stalker Ibru because she was “manipulative” and “predatory”.

The judge said that stalker Ibru lives in a fantasy world and has no concept of normal social boundaries.

Sanders said he was concerned by Ibru’s behaviour during her time in custody.

“The pre-sentence report describes you as living in a fantasy world, unable to interpret social situations and boundaries,” he said.

“You display a predatory and manipulative lifestyle and try to deliberately mislead interviewers.”

Ibru said she would be appealing against the sentence and as she left the court she said: “I stick two fingers up at you.”

Rio Ferdinand-obsessed Ibru is becoming au fait with parting shots. She walked out of a previous court hearing on April 19 with the ominous words: “Bye, See you later!”

Rio Ferdinand’s wife, Rebecca, has stood by her husband throughout the trial.