Robbie Williams laughed when Kylie Minogue got naked for their Kids video shoot and reckons he blew his chances of getting lucky with the Aussie icon.

Williams has revealed that even though he’d fancied Kylie for ages, when she finally took her kit off in front of him, he fell apart in a fit of giggles.

Probably not the response Kylie’s used to!

Robbie reckons he hadn’t been told that the video would feature Kylie taking off a robe to reveal she was starkers apart from a tiny G-string.

“I just burst out laughing. Which I don’t think went down well with Kylie,” Williams admitted.

“I may have offended her too, because she must have felt vulnerable too, being naked on set, and being naked in front of me.”

Watch Robbie & Kylie’s Kids video here.


Robbie goes on to say that the shock of seeing Kylie naked turned him into a “teenage boy” despite the fact that he’d just downed a bottle of Drambuie liqueur “to get some Dutch courage”.

Unsurprisingly, Kylie was less than charmed to be laughed at for taking her clothes off. Williams continued: “I think that any chance of anything disappeared when I laughed at her.

“Perhaps she likes being naked, but she probably doesn’t enjoy being laughed at by some Stokie idiot.”

Robbie Williams reveals this and more – including some, er, inspired portraits in which he wears his pet dogs as wigs – in his new book, You Know Me.


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