Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields married on Saturday and celebrated with a dry wedding reception as Robbie’s previous alcohol problem means he is not happy being around alcohol.

The wedding took place at Robbie William’s LA mansion, a last minute venue change after the original Santa Catalina location was leaked.

Ayda told guests: “This is the happiest day of my life. I can’t believe it has actually come around, and we are married. It’s so romantic.”

Meanwhile, Robbie made a speech dedicated to his “best friend and most beautiful woman in the world”.

The Take That star splashed some cash around for the wedding reception, with giant $20,000 handpainted floral arrangements spelling “love” set up around three marquees and a five-piece band.

We’re not sure how fun a wedding reception with no booze would be though. Wonder if anyone sneaked in their own bottle of vodka…

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