Naomi Campbell did know that the diamonds she received were from Charles Taylor, Mia Farrow told the court at the former Liberian leader’s war crimes trial, in a direct contradiction to Campbell’s testimony.

had previously told the court that’s she was woken in the middle of the
night after a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela by a group of men who
came into her hotel room and gave her a bag of “dirty looking pebbles”.

Campbell claimed not to have known who the diamonds were from.

actress Mia Farrow has refuted Campbell’s story, telling the court that
the model did know where the diamonds came from.

“What I
remember is Naomi Campbell joined us at the table but before she even
sat down she recounted an event of that evening,” said Farrow.

she said that in the night she had been awakened, some men were
knocking at the door. They had been sent by Charles Taylor and they
were giving a huge diamond.

“And she said that she intended to give the diamond to Nelson Mandela’s children’s charity.”

the former president of Liberia, is on trial in The Hague accused of
war crimes during Sierra Leone’s civil war. Charges include using
illegally mined ‘blood diamonds’ to fund rebels who murdered, raped and
brutalised Sierra Leoneans, amputating their limbs and carving initials
on their bodies.

Taylor denies 11 charges, including murder, rape, sexual slavery and recruiting child soldiers.

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