Some films seem destined for the stage, Footloose for example. Others though seem less appropriate for a musical make-over, the eternal catastrophe that was, is and most likely always will be New York’s Spider-Man production is a harsh warning to all attempting to take their silver screen success to Broadway or the West End. 

Sylvester Stallone though, always one to steer himself in to the winds of adversity, is thoroughly unmoved by these perils, as he announces the news that Rocky is to take to the stage – with help from the Klitschko brothers no less.

The Russian boxers will train the lead, who has not yet been cast in the production, which itself will focus on Rocky’s romantic side. 

“At the end of the day, Rocky is a love story and he could never have reached the final bell without Adrian,” Sly says.

“To see this story coming to life on a musical stage makes me so proud. And it would make Rocky proud.”

The show, which will premiere in Germany in NOvember 2012 before taking to stages worldwide, will also feature some of the songs synonymous with the movie franchise, including Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and Gonna Fly Now, the film’s iconic theme.

Rocky was released in 1976 and won the Best Picture Oscar. It has spawned five sequels, the last of which, Rocky Balboa, was released in 2006.