Bill McNeely, from Fort Good Hope in the northwest of Canada, was stabbed in a fight in 2010 and ever since had complained of the scar being itchy and sore.

It was only on Monday that Mr McNeely found the reason for his years of discomfort; a three inch part of the blade he’d been stabbed with was still lodged in his back.

It was discovered quite by accident by McNeely’s girlfriend, who had been scratching the itchy scar for him only to feel the top of the blade rubbing against her fingernail.

“They never took no X-rays, they just stitched me up, bandaged me up,” said McNeely about the hospital he’d first been to after the fight. “I’m kind of upset … They should’ve X-rayed right off the beginning in case there was internal damage.”

Despite numerous check ups since the initial stabbing, no doctors had bothered to X-ray Mr McNeely’s back, even after he complained of setting off airport metal detectors.

McNeely has decided to keep the blade as something of a memento but is also reportedly weighing up whether or not to sue the pants of the Northwest Territory’s health department for criminal negligence.

If I was him I’d just stab one of them…