According to the BBC website, Mr Harris claimed to be a ‘touchy feely sort of person’, but has labelled the claims that he performed an obscene act on a friend’s 13-year-old daughter ‘ludicrous’.

He said that they had taken part in consensual sexual acts together when she was 18, and he was 53. Mr Harris described how he had taken a cup of tea into her bedroom when he had been staying at the family home, and she had kicked off the duvet, showing her legs.

They were intimate together the next time he visited her home, but he said the encounters left him feeling ‘guilty’.

Allegedly, Mr Harris later met the woman in a Norfolk pun where she claimed that she would go to the newspapers if he did not give her £25k for an animal charity.

The alleged victim is the subject of seven of the 12 charges that he faces.

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