The month ending today is the driest and one of the warmest in more than a century with just 19.4mm of rain, one fifth of the average, as measure up until the 28th. 

But don’t get too excited, it’s about to get cold, windy and wet according to the early forecasts for October. 

BBC Weather Centre forecaster Peter Sloss said even if it rained today the record would still be safe. 

“There is some rain expected on Tuesday, which may alter the headline figures,” he said. “But it will only have a marginal impact.”

For those who want to know why it’s happened, Sloss says we can thank an area of high pressure that built up at the end of August and liked it so much it stayed put. 

“The reason it stayed there was the jet stream, which diverted the areas of low pressure and the wetter weather towards Iceland.”

The MetOffice says the dry September followed the eighth wettest August on record and that otherwise we’ve had a wet year, with January to August period the wettest one recorded. 

Dry September doesn’t mean a risk of drought though, with water levels about as expected with the extremes of wet and dry evening each other out, according to the Environment Agency. 

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