A man has been arrested in relation to the killing of Ronan Kerr and police say they have seized a significant stash of weapons in east Tyrone.

Ronan Kerr, a policeman from Omagh, Ireland, was killed by a car bomb on Saturday. Although no group has claimed responsibility, dissident republicans have been widely blamed.

Police now speaking to a 26-year-old man they arrested in Scotland in relation to Kerr’s killing. A significant cache of arms was also recovered in east Tyrone. More details have not yet been released.

Omagh policeman Ronan Kerr’s funeral today

Support for police in wake of Ronan Kerr murder

Kerr was killed by a booby-trap bomb left under his car on Saturday afternoon.

His funeral today was attended by leading figures from the worlds of politics, policing and sport.

Ireland’s Catholic leader, Cardinal Sean Brady described the murder as “an evil deed, an offence against God”.

Brady said that since the murder people had been saying to the killers: “We do not want this. In God’s name stop – and stop now.”

He continued: “Choose life, I say, choose goodness, choose peace.”

Speaking at Kerr’s funeral, Father John Skinnader, the policeman’s second cousin, said:

“Ronan loved life. Seeing him sitting behind the wheel of the police car last weekend, I thought to myself, there is the symbol of the new Northern Ireland.”

Police officers and members of Kerr’s Gaelic Athletic Association club, the Beragh Red Knights, formed a guard of honour and helped carry the coffin.