As well as a touch of folk, a bit of ballad and a dollop of punk Andrew Keates’ production of husband and wife team Paul Scott Goodman and Miriam Gordon’s two-handed musical (dating from 2005) also crams a four piece band and a host of instruments onto the Finborough’s tiny stage for its European premiere.

This unlikely Seventies love story between a go-getting middleclass Jewish Glaswegian song-writing singer, with Barbra Streisand ambitions, and a reclusive working class Catholic composer, who prefers to hide away in his bedroom with only his guitar and booze for company, moves between Glasgow, London and New York as it tells, in flashback, the course of their troubled romance and careers over a lively 85 minutes.

Cassidy Janson (with frequent changes of clothes) and Alexis Gerred (who only seems to have one outfit) sing strongly and give their all to this semi-autobiographical offering, and although it won’t win any prizes for originality (it’s very much in the style of Jonathan Larson’s Rent) or depth of characterisation, it’s enjoyable enough whilst it lasts.

Finborough, Finborough Road, SW10 9ED
Tube |  Earl’s Court
Until 18thh May 
£16 – £18 

Photos: Scott Rylander