Prince William is feeling smug about his ability “outfox the media” in the build-up to his stag weekend, but admitted it took military precision.

The prince said that his knees were knocking at a recent rehearsal of his wedding to Kate Middleton, which is in four weeks’ time.

The search and rescue pilot, said: “It’s quite good news always to outfox the media, but it (the stag) was a military operation and my brother and I are very proud of how it went.”

Asked if he would like to divulge details about his Norfolk-based party, Prince William replied: “Oh no, you know I can’t do that.”

“You’re not going to get anything out of me on that front either, not a chance,” was his response when asked if he had a sore head the following day.

The comments come on the day the prince hosts a visit by his grandparents, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, at RAF Valley in Anglesey, where he is stationed.

As it emerged the prince is unlikely to wear a wedding ring once he is married, the prince admitted the day itself is giving him a few sleepless nights.

“I did the rehearsals the other day and my knees started going, tapping quite nervously, so it’s quite a daunting prospect.

“But it’s also very exciting and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it, though there’s still a lot of planning to be done in the last four weeks.”

Prince William’s nerves are unlikely to be eased by his colleagues who have bought wedding memorabilia such as mugs and cushions featuring the couple in the hope of winding the prince up.

After completing a training exercise on board a Sea King helicopter, Prince William told of his “incredible pride” working for what he sees as the fourth emergency service.

“Having witnessed the job over the past few months, I’m incredibly proud to be amongst the search and rescue guys and very privileged to be flying with, I think, some of the best pilots in the world.”

The 28-year-old also was keen to stress he was simply part of a team, and there purely on merit.

“I’ve always strived to prove that and make sure that is the case.

“I wouldn’t want to be here for any other reason other than I’ve proved myself and that I can do the job.”