What baffles me about London is that people travel on a packed Tube rather than riding a bike, taking a bus or buying a scooter.

When I want to chill out I do triyoga in Primrose Hill.

London’s best-kept secret is Ginger and White coffee shop in Belsize Park, which is run by a New Zealand couple who really know their coffee.

The most interesting person I’ve met is either Mark Westall at [online art magazine] FAD, who’s fascinating, or [arts journo] Francesca Gavin to talk to about the art world.

Francesca’s one of the brightest, most interesting and positive people I’ve met. They both cut very good shapes on the dance floor!

My favourite place for a drink is The Old White Bear in Hampstead.

What gets me up in the morning is the thought of getting to the office to clear my emails before people arrive, which is kind of unhealthy.

I read how in Japan they have “radio calisthenics”, where people across the country do a 15-minute exercise routine. I’d love to incorporate this into London life.

The first thing I think of in the morning is Coco Pops and coffee.

My perfect weekend is a swim in Kentish Town Sports Centre swimming pool followed by brunch at MAP Studio Cafe [Kentish Town] and a browse at the Zabludowicz Collection. In the evening I love Frank’s Cafe in Peckham.

On Sunday I enjoy Columbia Road Flower Market followed by lunch at Dock Kitchen in Ladbroke Grove, and on Sunday afternoons I like to go for a run.

The last naughty thing I did was during Frieze festival.

The road running through Regent’s Park, a shortcut of mine, was closed in the evening. I ran my scooter on the pavement and unfortunately got spotted by the police.

My biggest faux pas was making a pig’s ear out of greeting people at a French wedding.

Within five minutes, I kissed and hugged the grandmother, shook the bride’s hand and kissed a 12-year-old boy. I was so embarrassed.

Five words that sum up London … Best city in the world.

Ambika P3, NW1 5LS, Nov 22-25