As if flying with Ryanair isn’t an exercise in discomfort already, the budget airline is now whittling down the number of loos in each of their aircrafts to just one to make room for six more seats, writes Rebecca Kent.

It is a shrewd move from Michael O’Leary’s lot, who already cash in when passengers fall foul of their stubborn baggage and check-in policies. But I do admire their business nous.

Yes, this latest move means next time I fly in one of their tin cans with wings, I’ll have to forego that last coffee before boarding, and I certainly won’t be getting on with a hangover ever again, should I find myself waiting in a queue for just one toilet to wipe the puke off myself.

But, as long as the airline can continue to fly me to European destinations for much cheaper than it will ever cost me to see parts of the UK, they are sacrifices I’m more than prepared to make.