A man dressed up in a super-hero costume that his mum bought has been sweeping the streets of Salford of troublemakers.

The caped crusader is Roger Hayhurst, 19, a mild-mannered gardener who transforms into the Knight Warrior, a crime-fighting superhero by night.

Dressed in a custom-made £200 blue-and-black lycra costume which his mother helped him buy from a firm in America, Hayhurst helps to break up fights and prevent anti-social behaviour in the Greater Manchester town.

"When people see me coming up it does tend to stun them into silence. I just carry on trying to get them to calm down, and eventually most of them do," he said.

"If I think things are getting a bit hairy, I just back off and phone the police. They know what I am doing and have been very kind to me."

Roger is just one of a society of real-life superheroes, who convene online to share experiences of performing good deeds in their respective communities.

Some might perceive his behaviour as odd, but he insists he is purely motivated by a genuine desire to help people.

"All I want to do is try and get people to like each other. I just want to do good in the world, that's all," he said.

Roger's mother, Jennifer, admitted she was "slightly worried" when her son started sneaking out late at night. But when he explained what he was doing she was fully supportive, helping him to raise money for his costume.

"His absolute genuineness is his best defence. He is one of the kindest young men I know," she said.