Seminar Title: Explore Egypt with On the Go Tours
Speaker: Samantha Gemmell
Company Name: On the Go Tours
Topic: Discover Egypt via our 14 day King Ramses tour and learn about all there is to see and do in this incredible country. We’ll give you the low-down on traditional feluccas, 5-star cruises, local guides, stunning hotels and what to pack. 
BONUS! There will be an ‘Exclusive SHOW Discount’ available to those who attend the talk.

Why do you love to travel
Nothing beats the feeling you get the day before you leave on a new adventure.  Travel forces you to use all five senses.  Smell local life, see breathtaking sights, taste local flavours, listen to the local language and touch every texture imaginable.  

Who would be your ideal travel partner and why? 
Karl Pilkington, a guaranteed laugh a day.

What was your favourite destination last year and why? 
Croatia – Hot, affordable, beautiful and where I discovered the best margarita pizza ever.  You must visit Pizzeria Torkul on Korcula Island.

Describe the most unusual situation you’ve found yourself in while travelling.
Running in strappy sandals through the bushes of Bako National Park in Borneo in an attempt to escape bearded pigs, viper snakes, monitor lizards and proboscis monkey.  I definitely underestimated the power of nature.

Name two up-and-coming destinations for 2013 and why.
Sri Lanka – From tea fields to mountains to pristine beaches, this island is not as small as it seems.  The scenery isn’t the only great thing about Sri Lanka the local people are also extremely friendly.  Expect to walk down the street and be asked numerous times ‘you are from?’.
Turkey – Less than a four hour flight from London, this captivating country can be explored from land or sea.  Choose to wander the roman ruins of Ephesus or revitalise with a Turkish bath.  There is something for everyone.

If you could return to any country you’ve been to, what would it be and why?
Slightly cliché but my home land New Zealand.  Mums cooking, washing and fussing is better than any five star hotel.

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without and why?
A pair of Jandals.  They’re comfortable and go with everything… except socks.

Give us an overview of what you’ll be discussing at the TNT Travel Show:
Egypt is back and now is your chance to get there before everyone else does.  Learn how much there is to do and see in this ancient country while onboard an On the Go tour.

Who will find your talk relevant?
Anyone who wants to discover Egypt in a comfortable and hassle free way.