Nancy Lanza was a member of the “prepper” movement and was “preparing for the worst”, her sister-in-law Marsha Lanza has told media:  “Last time we visited her in person, we talked about prepping – are you ready for what could happen down the line, when the economy collapses?”

Nancy was shot four times in the head by her son.

A friend of Nancy’s is also reported to hace said she feared she was losing touch with her son less than a week before Lanza stole three of her guns to carry out the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.

US President Barack Obama broke into tears when paying tribute to the lives cut way too short at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

The president is under mounting global pressure to take action on gun control, and fulfil a promise from 2008 that he who reintroduce semi-automatic gun bans, but the democrats will be fighting an uphill battle to get it through Republicans who believe the teachers in the school should have been armed to protect themselves.

Adam Lanza has been reported to have taken out an entire class of children age six and seven, as well as their teacher.

Connecticut chief medical examiner Dr H Wayne Carver said some of the children had been shot 11 times.

The state’s Governor Dannel Malloy believes the total death toll of 27 could have been worse.

 “We surmise that … he heard responders coming and apparently at that, decided to take his own life,” Malloy said.

Candlelit vigils have been held for the victims, with anguish and tales of heroism in the face of the tragedy spreading throughout the globe.

Images of 27-year-old teacher Victoria Soto went viral on Facebook after revelations she hid her class in cupboards and told Lanza they were in another room, but he shot her dead.

 “She was selfless – selfless,” former schoolmate Jessica Zrallack told The Daily Telegraph.

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