As luck would have it, children kicking or banging seatbacks and late departures or arrivals head the nation’s list of ‘plane annoying’ behaviour, according to new research from Travel Insurance.

Other irritating in-flight behaviour making it into the top ten includes crying or unruly infants, drunk fellow passengers and rude cabin crew.

Over 1,350 UK adults who had flown abroad in the last five years were asked to pick their top aeroplane annoyances. While many passengers had gripes about the service provided by the airlines – inconsiderate behaviour by fellow passengers was the cause of most malcontent.

The top ten is as follows: a late departure or arrival, children who are unruly or crying, drunk passengers, rude cabin crew, a chatty stranger sitting in the next seat, a poor quality in flight meal, air turbulence, finding out that other passengers paid a lot less for their ticket, and other passengers getting a free upgrade to first/premium/business class.

TNT would like to suggest that airlines running out of booze, lack of pillows, non-working headphone sockets and being sat near the toilet are added to the list.

Image credit: Thinkstock