They say that April is the cruelest month, but May hasn’t been great for Prime Minister Julia Gillard either.

For the second time this month a student at a high school has lobbed a white bread lunchable at the PM’s coiffured red locks. 

Julia Gillard has been visiting high schools across the country in May, trying to get the various state governments to sign up to Labor’s Gonski school reform bill. It seems the only thing she’s managed to inspire in students is a battering from bread and butter.

Earlier in the month Marsden High School in Queensland suspended Kyle Thomson after he lobbed his lunch at the Prime Minister while she was visiting the campus.

The second attack came at around a quarter to midday this morning, when the PM was doing a meet in great with students at Canberra’s Lyneham High School. In a crowded foyer Gillard was busy shaking hands and tousling reverential teenaged heads and never even saw the attack coming. 

A photographer somehow managed to catch the sandwich in flight as it arced over his/her right shoulder, landing square on top of the PM’s head before sliding to the floor at her feet.

In a scene vaguely reminiscent of the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the crowded foyer broke into immediate pandemonium as school teachers and students alike began to gibber and grapple with one another to try and locate the culprit.

When the dust had settled and the crumbs had found their mark a 16-year-old student was left protesting his innocence, claiming (rather unbelievably) that he had been trying to knock the sandwich out of a friends hand.

Too her credit, the PM wore it all pretty well. When asked if she was angry about the incident she reportedly laughed, telling reporters the thrower “must have thought that I was hungry.”

They should lock the little turd up and throw away the key. In some countries if you threw a sandwich at the anointed leader you wouldn’t just get suspended from school but dragged into the bowels of a prison somewhere where guards would hook your nipples up to a car battery with alligator clips.

By the same token, though, perhaps in all future school visits the Prime Minister should follow one bloke’s advice on Twitter and just go after 2pm because “by then surely all the sandwiches would have been eaten.”

Sage advice.