Verbier, Banff, Courchevel, Jackson Hole and Masik Pass? If Kim Jong–Un and his communist cronies have it their way, North Korea will have a ski resort to rival any found in Europe, the US or Canada.

Yes, that’s right, South Korea’s naughty neighbour have cracked the shits with the fact that their less rogue southern cousins have won the rights to hold the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The only real bummer about the whole thing is that dissidents like you and I almost definitely won’t be allowed to ski there.

North Korea has apparently started building its very own ‘World Class’ ski resort. According to KCNA, North Korea’s most trusted source for news and propaganda.

The country’s dear leader Kim Jong-Un is helping every step of the way and has predicted that a “skiing wave will seize the country.”

I’m sure North Korean citizens are more than familiar with the feeling of being seized.

I love this story because of how childish the whole thing is. It shouldn’t surprise me though, Kim Jong–Un does kind of resemble a giant baby wearing a toupee.

Image: Getty