Dan Hunt, 33, from London, who went missing after he was speed flying off a mountain on Saturday, was found unhurt, shouting for help in a forested area, on Tuesday, according to the BBC.

After the daredevil’s insurance money ran out, his friends raised over £16,000 in a Facebook campaign to finance further search for him.

Hunt said in a statement published on xmag.com: “I am so grateful, touched, and humbled by all the help…thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ryan Atkinson, a friend who helped finding Hunt, told BBC: “Dan is very well known and the whole community has pulled together to help find him.”

Nadeem Al-Khafaji, a friend who spotted Hunt from a helicopter, told xmag: “He is in good spirits and is overwhelmingly fine.”

Lisa Carnie, who has been coordinating fundraising and volunteers from the UK, said: “Without social media, we would not have had access to the vast resources we needed to find him.”

Dan’s girlfriend Nadia Nadinne told the Mirror: “This is an unimaginable nightmare. Daniel is such a wonderful, kind spirit. I just want him home.”

Hunt, an organic food shop owner from Shepherd’s Bush, is an experienced flyer of the small fabric wing that can reach speeds of 75mph.

He was meant to land just behind his friend Tim Good but disappeared. Good then led the good hunt of Hunt, continuously reporting back to the adrenaline junkie’s parents.

Hunt, who with a dead phone battery had tried to write SOS in the snow, had seen the rescue helicopter fly above him 15 times during his three days in degrees as low as near zero with only water and a few snacks with him,  the Mirror writes.

Image via the Find Dan Hunt group on Facebook.