Many travellers carry an invisible weight, as well as their backpacks: a boy or girlfriend back home. Yet, in a faraway country no one back home knows exactly what you’ve been up to. In a country like Oz, it is almost impossible not to have a crush on someone, some shirtless, tanned guy on the beach, some hot hick wearing a cowboy hat… Is it so difficult – or so wrong – to forget your loved ones back home, just for one night? Is it okay for travellers to cheat? I asked 20 backpacker friends, who have someone waiting for them back home, if they have been unfaithful Down Under. Eleven had. Some people don’t consider kissing to be cheating. Some reckon if your loved one doesn’t know about it, it isn’t cheating. Some say the limit for fidelity is another country, others consider it different postal codes. Does cheating exist if you don’t get caught? Is it like when a tree falls in a forest… When the tree is on the other side of the globe, is it possible to hear anything – did it actually happen?