I KISSED A GIRL and I liked it. Being away from home is a good chance to see which way you really do swing. All the new places, people and situations you go through as a traveller can open your mind to new experiences. I have kissed other girls several times. And I know so many travellers who have discovered new things about themselves on the road, sometimes starting a whole new life as a gay or a lesbian. I met a girl in Sydney who lived with several gay guys and eventually she turned into a lesbian. She is happy and never looked back. Another girlfriend of mine is from Poland, which is a strict about sexuality compared to Australia, so she finds it easier to have experiences with the same sex here. Swinging into Gaytown is quite easy in Australia, especially in the big cities. Just live a little in Darlinghurst, [Sydney, and party the nights away! My same-sex kisses were just experimental things really. They have always felt nice, but something was missing. The kisses were soft and tasted of strawberries, but they weren’t erotic. In the end, it wasn’t my cup of tea. So I’ll stick to the guys.