Treat them mean… I use to hang out with this Brad Pitt-look-a-like. He was good looking but unfortunately had a bad attitude. We lived in a shared house in Cairns where the girl housemates cooked and cleaned for him. During one of our long conversations I told him that being handsome and making the girls feel that he needs them is cute in his twenties but it would be pathetic when he was fifty. He had this little sugar boy-attitude, but it didn’t work for me. One day, right after we started going out, I cooked for my friends. He walked into the kitchen, looked at the food and said he wasn’t going to eat any of it, so I told him to go and get a happy meal from McDonalds. He was surprised, because no girl had ever talked to him like that before. I never did him any favors and treated him a little mean, which kept him keen as I held his interest for the whole month that he was in Cairns. On his last day he made me fruit salad and brought it to my bed which was a lovely surprise and totally unexpected! Even if someone is ridiculously good looking it is not cool to have bad manners, even if they do look like Brad Pitt!