Making the story slightly easier to get your head around  is the fact that the man was born a woman, had female to male sex change treatment, then took female hormones to reverse the treatment.

Although is legally a man, as his womb was not removed during surgery, he was able to give birth to a son. The identity of the man and his son are unknown.

It is not known whether the man in question retained the capability to give birth naturally or if the baby was delivered by caesarean section.

Joanna Darrell, from the Beaumont Society, a support group for the transgender community, told The Sunday Times a man had made enquiries about having a baby.

“He wanted to know what surgery he could have before it would be impossible to carry a baby. He also asked about the possible health implications of retaining his womb,” she said.

“He got back in touch about six months ago to thank the society for its help and to say he had had the baby.”

There have been concerns about the health of babies born to a transgender parent.  It is possible that an imbalance of male or female hormones during the pregnancy could cause the child to be born with irregular male or female-type charactersistics.

Four years ago American ‘male mother’ Thomas Beatie, made headlines when he became pregnant.

Beatie, who had a partial sex change operation but retained his womb, gave birth to a girl and went on to have two more children.