Let’s drop the guise that we work out for health reasons. Bottom line? Most of us want better bodies to pull in the hotties. These raunchy classes should augment the mood.


Pole dancing

What: Ecole de Pole is one of the few dedicated pole dancing studios in London. They have a range of six-week courses that cater to total novices and hardened pros alike.

In the beginners’ class, you’ll learn some sexy exotic dance moves, plus a few basic spins and pole tricks (you’ll need the intermediate class if you want to climb higher up the pole). 

Where & when: Arch 897, Holyrood St, SE1 2EL; 66 Rochester Pl, NW1 9JX.
Taster courses, £8. Six-week beginners course, £110. 

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Racy burlesque: stockings beat sweats any day

Bedroom athletics

What: GymBox tells it like it is. This brand-spanking (ouch, mmm…) class is dedicated to making sex longer, better and all together more stretchy.

Strength-building exercises target the muscles used during sexy time, and there’s even a pelvic routine to help participants improve their orgasms. The class is taught by former exotic dancer Luke Baker (a hunky piece of eye candy if ever there was). 

Where & when: Tuesdays, noon. 42 St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4ES
Mondays, 6pm, Westfield Shopping Centre, W12 7GF.
Membership costs £62 per month. 



What: Make no mistake, there is an art to the tease. No one knows this better than Gwendoline Lamour, who has performed burlesque for Naomi Campbell and Eddie Izzard. She teaches the tricks of the trade in a handful of fun courses and mini-classes.

Participants learn the essentials of burlesque, including sexy struts and chair poses. Where & when: Taster classes are £9 (the next one is Sunday, April 21, 4.30pm). Six-week courses are £110 (next start is Sunday, April 28, 4.30pm).

The Peacock, 148 Falcon Rd, SW11 2LW
Shoreditch Dance Studio, 16 Hewett St, EC2A 3NN. 

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Shimmy: core-building belly dancing

Belly dancing

What: This undulating art form can’t help but put you in a sexy mood. Dancebuzz offers a full-on six-week course that teaches students hip pops, pelvic thrusts, and a variety of seductive shimmies, but moreover, it teaches pupils muscle control (a useful bedroom tool).

Where & when: LA Fitness St Paul’s, 20 Little Britain, EC1A 7DH.
Taster classes, £12; six-week beginners course, £75. 


Diva dance

What: What makes a diva? Attitude, of course, and the sex appeal to pull it off. City Academy helps students tap into both with their six- and eight-week diva dance courses.

Instructors draw inspiration from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and students learn the bootylicious choreography from their videos.

Where & when: 34-68 Colombo St, SE1 8DP.
Courses from £118. 


Photos: Getty; PolePeople