The personal appearance of the band was called off amid the unanticipated popularity of the event. Seven girls received minor injuries in the crush to see their teen idols and were treated in hospital.

The meet and greet was deemed a security risk and the band had to be escorted from the park by police when the crush of the crowd was determined to be unsafe. 2,000 fans, the majority of which were young girls, turned up to see meet the boys – Australia’s edgier laddish answer to One Direction.

“I asked what was going on and they said there are about 2,000 girls outside. We begged to go see them but they told it was a security risk, to the fans and to other travellers.” band member James Yammouni, 17, told the Evening Standard.

“We can see the crowd outside the hotel but the hotel management won’t let us go down to see them.”

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The boys were taken away from the scene by security and police

Fans who turned up to Hyde Park mostly went away disappointed – some of which had traveled all the way from Manchester “We expected to meet them. We certainly didn’t expect so many fans. It wasn’t worth it.” teen Tayler Wood told the Standard.

She observed that two of three Brooks brothers who make up three fifths of the band, were visually upset by the chaos. 

“When the crush started,  Luke appeared to be crying and Beau kept saying sorry.”

The band, who started off on their path to fame doing cheeky pranks that became a hit on YouTube then went on to pursue a pop career after being signed to Sony. The boys have recently hooked up with London hitmaker Jay Sean’s management team.

See videos from the scene yesterday, as well as a personal video shared on Twitter by Beau Brooks, below.

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